Our Grounds

Our location along the Mississippi Rivers offers up a number of outdoor recreational activities including boating, swimming, fishing, hiking, running, biking, and quiet contemplation. Golf courses are nearby as well as other activities such as horseback riding and adventure experiences such as zip lining.

The grounds provide a wide range of activities and facilities including: 2 tennis courts, a basketball court, sand volleyball court, pool, all purpose court, table tennis and baseball/softball. 

Our Recreation Complex is made up of the The Pool, the Station Stand, and Pavilion (dance hall or multipurpose room).

The Pool was inaugurated in 1957 and built within the old free filled pool, the Joe Meisel, Jr. Pool is approximately 20 by 40 yards. It is one of the last classic swimming pools in Illinois. Hours vary for special events, please see the Channels or Website.

The Station Stand & River Pavilion is named because at one time it served and the train station for traffic from Alton. Cinder filings are still beneath it. Refreshments are served during part of the pool hours and evenings. The Pavilion is most often a dance hall, concert hall, or the occasional dinner. The dance hall and station stand look down on the pool or toward the river. Photos are are of the exterior, station stand, and dance hall areas.

The Harbor & Flint Park named after one of the old families of Chautauqua and at one time home to a massive Inn that burned to ground shortly after it was built. The harbor sports covered and uncovered moorings for about 50 boats.

The Chapel is a gathering place for our community, site of weekly worship, place to enjoy the Chautauqua choir and occasionally the site of special events. All members are encouraged and welcome to partake.

Play School & Youth Activities The community shares in the care, concern, and development of all children. While informal play and association is the norm at Chautauqua there is also more formal association each weekday morning.

Play School is a morning daycare and play center operated by the play school director and teen employees for the enjoyment of children 3-6 (and parents alike!).

Organized Youth activities are provided as structured play for youth. “Club” is for 7-11 and includes mostly outdoor but also some pool activities. “Activities” is for ages 12 and up and includes activities that may require more strength, durability, or knowledge.

The Playground is near the center of our community and a creekside park full of play equipment with a soft landing.

The Donnelly Pavilion is a multipurpose open-air location for events. Potlucks, catered dinners, dances, concerts.

Administration Building is located behind the community bulletin board and serves as the location to retrieve mail and as business center.

The Yellow Balloon was created in the 1970’s after the Chautauqua Store closed as an Art's Center. According to its founder it was named in reference to the motion picture the Red Balloon which is film without dialogue that follows a day in the life of red balloon as it follows and befriends a young boy. The Yellow Balloon offers classes and open periods for the creation of graphic, textile, and fired-porcelain art.

Attended by young and old it is open weekdays and weekends for all to enjoy. Classes are by sign up on clipboards outside the front door marked with class content and age restrictions.

The Town Hall is a multipurpose enclosed and air conditioned location for events. It is the home to nearly all community meetings, lectures, card parties, and certain dinners.

The Kentucky Home started out as a boarding facility for day guests with an accompanying restaurant. Today, it is the home of the LCIA run thrift shop, library and Pink Geranium.

The thrift shop is made up of donated objects, crafted souvenirs and Chautauqua paraphernalia which are sold to profit the whole community.

The Library is a lending library made of mostly donated books. New ones are always welcome.

The Pink Geranium is a gathering place where the community can purchase breakfast on Saturday mornings which is also set to profit the whole community and LCIA run functions.

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